Captain and His Mates

One Sunday morning I was sipping a margarita at a beach club near the pier on Puerto Vallarta’s famed Los Muertos Beach. It was a foggy morning. As the sun burnt off the haze, this small, decrepit fishing boat was revealed filled with pelicans. The large white guy at the bow is clearly in charge. The Captain! His mates are pretty lazy. They need a firm hand. Or wing.


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Pelicans are social birds, whether they are fishing together flying in formation or just hanging out. The Captain and His Mates embodies their society.

The Bay of Banderas is filled with wildlife. I love the sea birds. Both pelicans and frigate birds are direct descendants of dinosaurs. There is something raw and elemental about them. They are on the hunt. Pelicans are great fishers. They fly over the water, their keen eyes watching for movement below the surface. A sharp dive. PLOP! They enter the water, rising with the “catch of the day” in their beaks which expand like a fisherman’s net. I love to watch them fly in formation, traveling together aerodynamically in a v-formation. When not hunting they’re together resting. As my friend Chuy says, “Bro, they’re hanging.” This is another print that is beautiful on Hahnemühle William Turner fine art paper with a deckled edge. The torn edge mimics watercolor paper and the texture of this elegant paper makes these pelicans look mighty fine.


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Fine Art Paper, Fine Art Paper Deckled Edge, Matte Canvas Thin Stretched


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Basic Material & Edge | Finish options below

Fine Art Paper Finishing

Unless otherwise requested, all fine art paper prints will come with a one-inch border for ease of framing.   If you don’t want a border, let me know.  The art looks beautiful without a border “floated” (placed on top) of matte board. 

There are several options with deckled edge which should be floated on a matte.  Please contact me to discuss the options.

Canvas Stretching

I print on two types of canvas, matte finish (an elegant, smooth flat finish) and gloss finish (shinier and reflective).  In general, I prefer the matte finish.  These can be thin stretched on ¾ inch stretcher bars.  They can be hung unframed or framed.  Some pieces can be gallery wrapped where the image wraps around the side.  Or the side can be white, black or a complimentary color that I usually choose to go with the artwork.  There are other options.  You can have the canvas stretched over 1.5 inch stretcher bars, a dramatic look. 

Metal Prints

The metal prints have the look of a plexiglass or acrylic print and are more economical.

The Metal Print with a Float Hanger  

The surface white Gloss Metal Prints has a white base to maximize color and contrast. Its high gloss surface provides a metallic look while preserving the white points in an image. Final product should display high level luminescence effect for seemingly superior image density and contrast.

Metal Silver Gloss

The surface has a clear metallic base providing a true metallic look. Higher gloss surface allowing a more silver appearance. Provides a maximum luminescence effect for seemingly superior image density and contrast.

I am happy to provide advice on framing and can help you with this process.  Contact me.  I love to work with my clients!