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Life is art.  Live it.  Learn about my art and my quest for discovery. 

I ramble the streets and byways of México with my point-and-shoot camera seeking inspiration. I am always creating.  Peek into my life and the brainstorms rumbling in my head.

See my work through my eyes.

Catrina Culture

Día de los Muertos Forget about Christmas. (Don’t really. I still love Christmas.) Día de los Muertos is the most beautiful and welcoming holiday on the calendar. In Mexico, it’s a national holiday. School is out.

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Heart and Soul

Corona de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe The Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish is the heart and soul of Puerto Vallarta’s El Centro.  It dominates the skyline and is one of the great symbols of our

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Definition: When a whale leaps partly or completely out of the water, head first, and lands on the back or belly with a resounding splash. This is the first piece of art I made when

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Sweet Dreams

A lazy sleep filled with dreams. My eyes flickered, opening slowly to the darkness of our cool underground bedroom. My CPAP mask softly on my face regulating the air pressure and keeping my throat open

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Sunday Brunch with the Pelicans

On Sunday mornings, Randy and I have a ritual.  In the morning we go to a favorite Los Muertos beach club for brunch – eggs benedict, chilaquiles, or if we can afford the calories, waffles. 

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Morning Light

An early Sunday morning… My family vacationed in Puerto Vallarta during spring break since our son was in the third grade. We moved here as he entered his Junior Year. He turns 21 in September.

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Frida Kahlo. Release and rise.

  I walked into a Frida Kahlo retrospective at an Amsterdam Museum in 1981. I had never heard of her. The paintings took my breath away – the beauty, pain, rage, mystery, and urgency.  She

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Coming Home

Back to the Pacific I grew up near the Pacific. I spent my first 22 years in San Diego. I didn’t live on the water, but I was close enough. My toes knew the sand.

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They work hard for their pesos.

Beach Vendors   La Playa de los Muertos is filled with beach vendors.  Dressed in white to reflect the light and help cool them on their mission. They are eccentric and elegant figures traversing the

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