Calli Intra Muros – De Corazón Expo

Opened February 14, 2019
Ajijic, Jalisco

My husband Randy and I were at the El Dorado Beach Club on Los Muertos Beach on a Sunday soon after Thanksgiving. It was a glorious day – sunny, cool, and relaxing. Three mexicanos were behind us laughing and enjoying themselves. Occasionally, they spoke English. We introduced ourselves to Javier Jasso, Rolando Sanchez, and Hector Romero. Soon we joined them – chatting, laughing, and enjoying being with three men who have become very important in our lives.

I will write more about them later in a blog. I could not have three better friends who have helped me understand Mexican culture, family, and friends. I have met so many people through these special men. They helped arrange for my first full group show in Ajijic, Jalisco outside of Guadalajara.

I had several examples of my art on my iPad. I passed it around and their feedback was so positive. They offered to introduce me to a friend in Ajijic with a gallery.

A couple of weeks later, I packed my portfolio and hopped the bus to Guadalajara. All of my work is available to be seen printed on canvas and fine art paper. My printer is in Guadalajara and we added the new art to the portfolio. Digital viewing cannot do the work justice. You need the texture of paper and canvas.

On Sunday, we took a trip to Ajijic with my portfolio to visit. Juan Galindo the architect and gallery owner was charming and welcoming. His lovely sister Rebeca served us refreshments. I then showed my portfolio. Juan was impressed. I had recently printed some small Corazones on selvage from other artwork. Juan purchased them on the spot. He invited me to be part of his Expo, an art show. The gallery is in an old Spanish Colonial home, with a gorgeous tropical garden in the middle of the business district. has built living quarters for both Rebeca and him, and guest houses forming a courtyard. The garden is filled with beautiful sculptures. Juan promised me a large room if I could get enough pieces together.

Ajijic is a charming lakeside community along Lake Chapala.  It is about an hour and a half from Guadalajara.  It has a temperate cool climate and has a huge expat population.

I returned home and began work, adding to my current collection so that I had 33 pieces. I returned in early February to frame and hang the work. I also stayed in the wonderful guest suites and was savored Rebeca’s superb food.

It was a thrill to see a room filled with my art. My Corazón filled the walls! The color! My vision! So much joy!

Juan paid me a compliment, “You are so American.” He said with a slight frown. Then he smiled, “You’re your work is filled with México!”

I sold over a third of my work. It was a thrill.

Muchas gracias, Juan.