Month: September 2021

Heart and Soul

Corona de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe The Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish is the heart and soul of Puerto Vallarta’s El Centro.  It dominates the skyline and is one of the great symbols of our community. Nuestra. Our. The Mexicanos are an inclusive people.  This beautiful icon belongs to all of us. Nuestra. It’s like …

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Definition: When a whale leaps partly or completely out of the water, head first, and lands on the back or belly with a resounding splash. This is the first piece of art I made when we decided to move to Puerto Vallarta to live, and I would return to visual art. It’s very rough and …

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Sweet Dreams

A lazy sleep filled with dreams. My eyes flickered, opening slowly to the darkness of our cool underground bedroom. My CPAP mask softly on my face regulating the air pressure and keeping my throat open to receive oxygen, allowing me to breathe easily, lowering my blood pressure, keeping me healthy. Under the even sound of …

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